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Concept: Northern Bald Ibis
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Critically endangered
Northern bald ibis is one of the most endangered bird species in the world (Critically Endangered, after IUCN criteria), and its last viable wild population resides in Souss-Massa National Park and surrounding areas, near the city of Agadir, Morocco's Atlantic coast. In 2010 there where over 100 breeding pairs, a figure that is increasing at a steady pace through the joint efforts of the Moroccan administration and the international conservation community for nearly 20years. Financial and technical support from the international community is needed to improve the conservation status of this carismatic species.

Your support is needed

These institutions are supporting the NBI conservation programme in Morocco 

A permanent effort for conservation and cooperation

It is necessary to ensure continuity of activities that are allowing the slow recovery of this population in Morocco, constituing 98% of the world population.

The basic element in the conservation of ibis on the ground is our warden team who is devoted to avoid disturbances and to ensure monitoring for more than 15 years. This project, implemented by SEO/BirdLife together with their national counterparts, the High Commission of Waters and Forests and the Fight against Desertification of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Souss-Massa National Park, aims to continue this work and technical support provided by our association with the support of the biggest federation of environmental associations: BirdLife International.

The work made by the team of wardens, which are local inhabitants, is coordinated and supervised by the technical staff in the National Park in cooperation with our organisation.

Through this work, the protection on the ground of the ibis is reasonably assured, which together with other factors has resulted in a steady increase in its population, which rose from 62 breeding pairs in 1998 to the current 105 (2010), with an estimated totalof around 500 individuals.

The wardens provide valuable information from the NBI activity throughout the year, both in breeding colonies and feeding areas and roosts. This work allows to detect the problems of the species in the area and act accordingly for their conservation. In addition, they also contribute greatly to sensitizing the local population about the importance of the population of Bald ibis.

The project integrates with other cooperative efforts to pursue the development of profitable and socio-economical activities, environnemental friendly and compatible with conservation of the ibis and natural values​​.

The National Park was created in 1991 precisely because of the presence of the ibis, and extends along a narrow coastal strip of land about 72 km, on the Atlantic coast south of Agadir.

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