Friday 20 May 2011

Miniguide on Souss-Massa birds

We have recently published a miniguide with more than one hundred birds typical of Souss-Massa National Park.

From ostrich to corn bunting, this guide, writen in English and French, includes several endemic species in Morocco, like Moussier's redstart, African blue tit or African chaffinch. Others, as common crane have their southernmost distribution in this areas or, like norther bald ibis are among the most threatened species in the world.

Taget public is the general visitor who is not to familiar to birds.

This publication, made with the support of Spanish Cooperation Agency for Development (AECID),is available on-line

Some cartoons

Environmental education is crucial to approach local populations and raise awareness for conservation.

In 2001 one Peace Corps' volunteer, Carolyn LaFontaine, and a British illustrator, Alasdair Bright, created a small trilingual book on a young ibis taht wanted to play with children. It used a soccer as a link to attrack the interest of children towards this species that shares the habitat with them.

Orrie spying children while they play soccer (Alasdair Bright)

 Souss-Massa cliffs, after Alasdair Bright watercolors

This book inspired another cartoon, this time in Syria. Alasdair added some drawings and the story was adapted to the local context.

Beaky's cover. Click to download pdf from original site.

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