Tuesday, 20 December 2011

BirdLife International Species Champions

Taking a stand and making a difference...
BirdLife Species Champions are a growing community of companies, institutions and individuals that support the conservation which prevents bird extinctions.
As well as providing the funding that brings threatened birds back from the brink of extinction, Species Champions also draw attention to the plight of the species they support and all the other threatened species the BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme embraces.
Saving threatened birds from extinction is neither simple nor straightforward. It is often expensive and always takes time. BirdLife Species Champions recognise this and are taking a stand now in the knowledge they are providing a last hope for the world’s most threatened birds.
100% of your money is used where it matters most...
When you or your organisation becomes a Species Champion you can be assured your support is quickly channelled where it is needed most. 100% of every contribution goes to help prevent extinctions.
In addition to funding BirdLife Species Guardians who carry out conservation on the ground, a small proportion of every contribution also helps protect the ‘orphaned’ species for which no champion has yet stepped forward. In this way we are putting conservation in place where it doesn’t exist today - before it is too late.
For many Critically Endangered birds time is running out...
Recruiting new BirdLife Species Champions is imperative. The average annual cost of turning around the fortunes of a Critically Endangered Species is over £20,000. It also requires sustained investment which is why we are asking all our Species Champions to make a three year commitment.
It is possible to support the BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme at several different levels. Major donors can become a Species Champion for a Critically Endangered bird, or support the entire Birdlife Preventing Extinctions Programme. It is also possible to become a BirdLife Species Champion, supporting the programme, at lower funding levels.
It’s a cliché, but every little does help...
Any contribution, whatever size, makes a difference. Together, the many smaller donations we have already received are collectively funding species recovery already.
Join with us now so that together we can turn the tide on bird extinctions and give otherwise condemned species like Siberian Crane, Bengal Florican and Spoon-billed Sandpiper, a last chance to avoid becoming just a distant memory for ourselves and unimaginable for our children. 
To find out how to become a Birdlife Species Champion or Preventing Extinctions Programme Supporter please contact us today:
Telephone:             +44 1223 277 318      
Or write to us at BirdLife Species Champions, BirdLife International,Welbrook Court, Girton Road Cambridge, CB3 ONA, United Kingdom.

Species Champion for NBI is HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco

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