Saturday, 12 January 2013

NBI at Boujdour

Although young NBI records are not extremely rare in the Atlantic Sahara, specially in Boujdor, every single sighting is very important to understand the behaviour of the species.

Recently, Hugues Dufourny reported to the sighting of one sub-adult bald ibis at Boujdour, on December 27th.

On the pictures (©Véronique Buchet) we can observe the kind of habitat on the coast in the region, while the dominant area is much more drier. Constant wind makes plastics fly and they stay on the browses.

In the same site web, Runar Jåbekk cited two other NBI at Boujdour in february 2012.

Every single sighting of Northern Bald Ibis outside Tamri and Souss-Massa area is extremely important to improve the knowledge on the species and improve its status. Please, share your redords with us. 

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