Saturday, 29 September 2012

Northern Bald Ibis in UK?

Last summer an adult Northern Bald Ibis has been spotted in Greater Manchester.
"Dozens of birdwatchers have flocked to catch a glimpse of the Northern bald ibis seen around the Ken Ward sports centre in Hattersley, Tameside", says the article in the Manchester Evening News.
NBI in Manchester (photo Manchester Evening News)
Although the bird it's probably an escapee, there wasn't, apparently, any ring or tag on the bird.
If anyone can provide more information about this bird, please, come into touch with us.
Other recent observations of NBI in UK have been recorded at and are also presumed escapees:

15:50 05/07/12

15:15 26/05/12

17:07 11/09/11

09:16 30/10/02

21:29 29/10/02

11:18 22/03/01

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