Monday, 23 January 2012

NBI data on 2011 breeding season

Breeding activity of the NBI during 2011 in the Souss-Massa-Tamri area was very good,  following on from similar results in 2010. Breeding success (1.3 fledgling/nest) was the same as during the previous year.
The survival of chicks in the Souss-Massa National Park was 82%, which is much higher than in the unprotected area of Tamri, where it's only 43%. This may be due to differences in the quality of the feeding sites and perhaps also to disturbance in Tamri, although the final ratio of fledglings/nest is similar (1.4 in SMNP; 1.2 in Tamri).

Evolution of breeding pairs numbers in Souss-Massa-Tamri area
The breeding population remains stable and no new sites have been colonised. Nevertheless, the potential for expansion is very important. 

Group of adults and youngsters, July 2011
The total number of ibis, before and after the breeding season, based on regular counts, are shown in the graph below.

Evolution of pre and postnuptial numbers
The 2011 breeding repport  shows that 110 pairs were formed from the 251 individuals counted before breeding. Taking into account the 138 fledglings, we can see that a large number of additional birds were counted after the breeding season. This suggests that there are many more birds spread throughout the region,  which is where satellite tagging can play an important role, by helping to identify previously unknown sites that could be important for the conservation of northern bald ibis .

The breeding repport is available in French.

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