Thursday, 1 September 2011

Nader and Aylal are still in SMNP

The latest data received from the satellite tags show that Aylal and Nader (a mother and her offspring) are still active and are within the Souss-Massa National Park.
These two birds were tagged at the end ofJuly near Agadir and then moved, most likely with the whole group of about 20 adults and young ibis, to the National Park.  This movement is normal outside of the breeding season as there is plenty of food available at this time of year in the north of the park. Aylal (the adult bird) will most likely remain in this area for several months until the breeding season begins again. Thanks to the highly accurate GPS data we know that it only uses about two feeding sites, all within the protected area. As for Nader, we’ll have to wait and see – it may remain with the rest of the group or it may disperse to a new area within the next few weeks, as many juveniles do at this point in their lives. 

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